Wowed Family & Guest Through Special Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

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Surely having such unique and different wedding invitation become plan of every couple who want to get married. No matter they are tight in budget still desire to have something that different from others from the gown, theme, decor, cake, shoes, even the invitation just to make it a memorable wedding. Of course unique wedding invitation does not have to be expensive as what needed here that important is creativity mind just to let couple express their taste through personal style and preference that can be figured out through the wedding invitation. The concept to create unique wedding invitation is need to be special that possible to make the invitees feel excited and get them impressed, surely not be easy as needed many research to observe which one that likely will make invitation look unique, distinctive and special, different from other common invitation. So here some of methods :
  • Insert special wordings - some of couples never add any wordings to their wedding invitation while some adding meaningful wordings to their customized invitations to celebrate their special day. Include names of parents, or names of grandparents that become statement of respect. Surely will be depended for each couple. Printed in two different languages especially if they are inviting guests from different cultures as different mother tongue would be. This will make the invitation more unique and different, you can observe or seek from internet about the wordings just to inspire the style and the orders of wordings.
  • Color and paper quality of the invitation - color really play emotional role in influencing someone's feeling, once receiving bright or vivid colored wedding invitation with happy images or pictures surely will make them feel glad and excited. Sometimes couple need to inform whether the wedding will be set in formal or informal celebration so the normally to do is choosing appropriate paper quality along with color contrast just to set special feeling and mood for the occasion.
  • Meaningful pictures - add some meaningful pictures that depict when they as single then picture when together sometimes become main interest here. This is kind of way to make personalize wedding invitation to be more meaningful and wonderful when sent out to the invited guests. Surely this likely to give certain impression as sometimes guests would love to see any pictures of the brides-to-be and grooms-to-be on the wedding invitation. The pictures where couple wearing special outfit sometimes will represent the theme of wedding celebration would be.
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