Choosing Appropriate Wedding Shoes For Special Wedding Day

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Shoes for brides on wedding celebration is quite important part of bride's styling that being chosen after wedding veil, gloves and wedding bouquet. Some wonderful shoes that chosen by brides are classic shoes, flip-flops, while others choosing boots or sneakers. Choosing wedding shoes should not to be stressful but need some consideration on mind such as stated below :
  • comfort - its first and foremost the bridal shoes should be comfortable, such as high heels that look beautiful and perfectly suit any wedding dress but not all brides willing to spend all day and night in wearing them. Balancing high heels would be important but more you need to hang out with friends and family. Not familiar with high heels, bridal shoes can be chosen in flat sandals or appropriate ballet shoes. But perhaps any brides would like to choose heels for photos and ceremony and taking comfortable sandals for reception and dancing. Wear the chosen wedding shoes at home for hours before the big day in order to avoid painful blisters on evening. Could be you will considering the soft silicone pads that will help feet to withstand the pain of being on feel for whole day ad enable you to dance night away.
  • material - very important to choose right wedding shoe material that can be found in large variety such as silk, leather, velvet, satin and many more. But the material of the wedding shoes that is important here, it should match to the style of wedding, for example silk ballet will not suitable for wet weather or for walking on wet grass, while closed leather suitable for hot summer days.
  • match the wedding shoes with wedding dress - never fall in love with certain pair just before you choosing the dress, because the dress at first will attract everyone's attention so it will be crucial to combine the shoes with the dress. Many types of wedding shoes that match the dress and the individual personality of brides. Bearing on mind to select perfect combination.
  • choosing color and type of wedding shoes -  mostly wedding shoes chosen in white but once you combine various silver or gold jewelry in white dress it can look more attractive. The shoes must be incorporated into overall look, color and shape should be appropriate to the style of the dress.
  • classic wedding shoes - for any weddings, the classic always become the favorite one
  • satin and laced wedding shoes - these types will give impression of elegance, but should find the one that can match your wedding dress

Regardless to any style of wedding shoes that brides may take, pair of shoes need to be beautiful and comfortable in order making the bride feels enjoy for every moment. Do not assume that by sacrificing yourself in one single day of wearing high heel, you will be proud to be a bride, as the most important thing you need to mingle with all guests.
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